Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our flower garen

This is our flower garden in the front of our house!!! Everything grew really well this summer. It's all about the dirt. We put in some good soil and mixed in some fertilizer. The plants were all cheap from Wal-Mart or given to us from friends and family and it all just took off!!! The tall plants with the yellow flowers that are in the back are Canna and they are as tall as I am!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tristan Laughing

This video is so hilarious!!! We are always catching Mackenzie getting Tristan to laugh like crazy! Here she is "scaring" him with the kitten. (I need to point out that no kittens were injured in the making of this video!!!)


Awwwww....... pitiful!!!


Crawling around on the cold tile!!!


Some of my favorite black and whites of Tristan...

peek a boo



" Cutie!"


Tristan is desperately trying to crawl! He hasn't figured out how to get his knees coordinated with his arms. He'll pull himself forward with his arms and then roll around.

Mackenzie & Tristan

Mackenzie has something in her hand that Tristan wants!!!

Notice how Mackenzie has a hold of his shirt so he doesn't fall off the couch, what a loving sister!!!


Oh yes, gotta love the spaghetti noodles!!! As soon as I put a little scoop on his tray, he went to town!!!


Beautiful Evening Sky


I made Mackenzie feed Tristan just so I could get a picture of big sissy feeding her little brother! She wasn't too thrilled about it. She's not a big fan of the messiness involved in feeding a 7 month old!!! Although she did taste his cereal bites and decided that she really liked the banana flavored ones!!!


Hmmm, I wonder what Tristan is doing. All I see are feet and hands...

Oh, I see, he's playing with his blue rattle.

"Tristan, I see you peeking at me!"

"Hi little man!"

"Whatcha doin in there?"

"I'm having way too much fun with my rattle, mama!!!"

Leslie's Graduation Party

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