Wednesday, May 7, 2008

School Project

I had to post these pictures. Wow! Look at the resemblance!
I was going through pictures of Mackenzie when she was little for a school project they had to do. They are learning about metamorphosis, so they had to show their own metamorphosis by coming up with pictures of when they were born and a picture for each year. Mackenzie was 2 years old here and I'm not sure how old I was but probably around the same age.
(BTW, Mackenzie is the top pic and I'm the bottom pic)

Monday, May 5, 2008


"Rub my belly, Pleeeaaassse!!!"

This is mom's new dog, Penny! She's a rat terrier. She's soooo cute and starved for attention! I think mom really likes her :)

Nap Time

Ahhhh.........Nap Time

Our New (to us) Chair

Well, I'm addicted to It's a website where you can search for, or give away, things in your community, for free. Their goal is to get people to keep things, that someone else might want or need, out of landfills rather than throwing them away. Anyway, someone gave us this overstuffed chair! We all really like it, it's really comfy! (Brad not so much because it's "flowerdy") Well, Mackenzie Really LOVES it. She sits in it all the time, and gets defensive if someone else is sitting in it. She even wanted to sleep in it the first two nights that we had it!

Trying To Pull Mackenzie's Tooth

This is video of the night before Mackenzie's tooth was pulled out. You can see how loose it was! Now that it's out, she talks kinda funny. It's sooo cute! Awww, my baby girl! :)

Mackenzie Lost Het First Tooth

Mackenzie lost her first tooth!
April 27th, 2008.
Mackenzie finally lost her first tooth! It was sooo loose. It was "hangin by a thread." I wanted to pull it, but she wanted daddy to do it. She kept freaking out, thinking it was going to hurt really bad. Brad got a wash rag, got a good grip on it and it came right out! Mackenzie didn't even know it was out until he showed it to her! She was shocked that it didn't hurt! She was kinda upset because of all the bleeding, but after the bleeding stopped, she was sooo excited! Bouncing off the walls. The Tooth Fairy came that night and left five dollars under her pillow in a glittery envelope. And, according to Mackenzie, the Tooth Fairy is only about 2 inches tall.

Brad and the Kids

Brad and the Kiddo's.

Mackenzie smiling pretty for the camera.

Tristan smiling goofy for the camera.
(What a Ham)

Tristan smiling for the camera.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tristan Dancing 1

These video's of Tristan dancing are too funny! I didn't know he could move like his daddy!

Tristan Dancing 2

This is hilarious! Tristan just started dancing when we turned on the radio! He was trying to snap his fingers too! He's a dancing fool. Too funny.

Our New Dog

This is our new dog "Nipper." We got him from a lady that posted him on freecycle. He's a Corgi and 1 1/2 years old. He's very sweet! The kids love him! He likes to lick Tristan because he always has something yummy stuck to him. We are in the process of changing his name though because we don't like Nipper. We are thinking of Joey, Cooper or Toby. What do you think?


Tristan being his goofy self!

Tristan had to get all laid back and comfy to enjoy his cookie!

Mia Rose Is Here!!! April 14th, 2008

My new niece is finally here!!!
Mia Rose was born on April 14th, 2008.
She was born at 8:18 A.M.
She weighed 5 lbs. 10 oz.
She measured 18 1/4 in. long
She is sooo tiny! She looks like a little bean! Brandy was scheduled for a C-section because the baby was breech. Everything went just fine! Brandy and baby were fine! Brian, of course, was just a proud happy daddy! I couldn't be prouder of her. She's so beautiful. A sweet little angel! Congratulations Brandy and Brian!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

No Training Wheels

My baby girl riding her bike for the first time without training wheels!
She did so awesome! She didn't need us, she could've just taken off on her own this whole time. We are so proud of her!

Friday, May 2, 2008

We decided it was time for Mackenzie to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels. We took her to the Springdale High School marching band field. Brad padded her up, gave her a push, and off she went! She did so good, we were so proud of her! She's getting so big. (sniff)

A Day on the Trail

Brad and the kids went to Lake Fayetteville and walked the trails while I was at work. They came across the state's largest Black Oak tree. He took pictures of Mackenzie standing in front of it.

Playing in the Sand

This was at the Jones Center at their playground. This was Tristan's first time to ever play in sand. He didn't know what to think of it for awhile. He wiggled his toes in it first and didn't like the way it felt. But the longer he sat there, the more he played with it. He seemed to be fascinated with it because he would grab a handful of sand then it would disintegrate out of his hand. He just couldn't figure it out! Too funny.


Amanda, I can sypethize with you. This is what happens in my house when I get on the computer and the house is quiet!


"Let me help you with the dishes, mom."

Tribute to Stripes

Stripes and Jack.
Jack is her son.
Sadly, our cat Stripes got ran over by a car on our street. She was mainly my cat, but we all loved her. She was the sweetest cat I've ever had. She would cuddle up in my lap and do the "head butt" thing. This may sound kinda korny, but she helped me get through some of the worst heartburn and nausia when I was pregnant with Tristan. I would be laying down in my bed feeling sick and she somehow could sense that I was feeling bad. She would come up on the bed with me and curl up right beside me and purr like crazy. The purring and soft vibration was very soothing, and it calmed my nerves. (crying) I love you Stripey Girl! I will miss you so much!!!


"Don't disturb me, can't you see I'm trying to read here!"


Now that's some "Major Bed Head!"

Tristan's top two teeth coming in.
He's about 11 months old here.

Easter 2008~Coloring Eggs

Opening Easter surprises from Nana.

Tristan creating a masterpiece.
Notice he has a crayon in each hand.

Mackenzie coloring her egg.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Easter 2008~Opening Easter Baskets

"Oooo.....I see toys!"

The Easter bunny brought Mackenzie some gardening stuff! She got some flower seeds, pots, a new pink flower with a pink pot, and some gardening gloves. She loves gardening! The first thing she wanted to do is plant her new seeds!

Tristan wearing his new sunglasses.
(He actually kept them on for about 30 seconds.)

Tristan chowing down on his chocolate Easter bunny.

Tristan getting mad because we took his chocolate away!

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