Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation

In line to enter the stage for graduation.

Entering the stage for graduation.

All the kindergartners.
It was very entertaining. They got bored really fast and kept messing with their hats. Some were picking their noses, and some were just standing there. You could tell they were thinking "Is this ever going to end!" Very Funny!!!

Waiting to receive her diploma.
Getting her diploma from the principal.

My baby girl graduated from Kindergarten!!! We are so proud of her!!! She did so well in school this year. She learned how to read and is awesome at writing and math. She got all E's on her report card!!! Great job Mackenzie!!! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you! We know you'll do great in 1st grade next year!!!

Kindergarten Graduation Reception

Mackenzie with her teacher Mrs. King.

Mackenzie with her friend Natalie.

Mackenzie with her friend Cody.

Me and Mackenzie. Her daddy was there but he had to go back to work. The graduation was during the day at 9:00 AM.

Mackenzie with her Nana.

Happy 29th Birthday to Me!!!

Happy 29th Birthday to Me!!!
Mom brought over a cake and we BBQ'd for my birthday.
We also went to the movies and watched the new Narnia movie.
Thank You Mom!!!
We had so much fun!!!

Alexis' 8th Birthday

Happy 8th Birthday Alexis!!! Alexis wanted a Razorback themed party. It turned out really cool. Check out the Razorback cake!!! It was awesome!!!

Alexis smiling pretty for the camera.

Alexis holding up her Hannah Montana CD that Mackenzie got her.

Tristan in the Barbie Jeep saying "cheese" for the camera.

Athena playing fetch with the kids.


This was a really bad thunderstorm that came through. There was a tornado warning and hail on it's way so we decided to get the kiddos in the bathtub just to be on the safe side. Mackenzie made sure Tristan stayed in the tub while Brad and I went outside to watch the storm and take pictures :) No tornado, but there was lots of hail. There were areas around us that got golfball sized hail and alot of property damage.


I got to watch Mia one day while Brandy went out to run errands. She is one month old here. Mackenzie got to hold her and she loved it. She told me she wants a baby sister.......

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