Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bike Blues & BBQ 2008

Bikes Blues & BBQ
October 2008
Krystal and her kids came up to visit and to go to BB and BBQ with us this year.

Alexis, Mackenzie & Aden
Aunt Krystal bought the kiddos some t-shirts
Alexis, Mackenzie & Aden
taking a break from walking
gotta love the thug pose

This is Dixon Street in downtown Fayetteville
It was Saturday night and dark, so it was kinda hard taking pics of the motorcycles.
They close down this street so the bikers can parade up and down the street
and they park their bikes on the sides of the street.
I swear they look like dominoes and all someone would have to do is knock a bike over and they all would fall down one by one.

Mackenzie got to ride down Dixon St with her Daddo.
She says "Hi mom and Dad!"

Mackenzie in her biker garb after her ride.

Grape Festival 2008

The Tontitown Grape Festival
August 2008

Tristan won this little trumpet at the duckie game.
(Note the excitement on mommy's face)
Tristan wearing his little cowboy hat
(he's so cute!)

Mackenzie showing off the crown that she won at the dart game.

Macknzie just getting off the big slide
(look how long her hair was :(

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Family Pics

Happy 7th Birthday Mackenzie !!!!

Today is Mackenzie's 7th birthday!!!
We had cake and ice cream and we'll have her party and sleepover next weekend. We're going ice skating at the Jones Center later tonight.
Mackenzie and I went and got our hair cut. She got bangs for the first time and 7 inches cut off! (7inches for her 7th birthday)
I wasn't expecting the bangs, but they're growing on me. She absolutely loves her hair!

My mom made her these really cute pajama pants!

And made her a little bag to match!

And of course, Hannah Montana stuff!

Tristan really enjoyed his cake and ice cream!

Mackenzie and the Tarantula

And then it started crawling around, so this was her next reaction!!
"Get it! Get it!"
Mackenzie wanted to hold the tarantula so this was her first reaction to it.....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Binky Buddies

I love this picture!
I call them the binky buddies. Tristan has to have the handle of his binky tucked up under his nose. It reminds me of a bull ring. Mackenzie got the lips at Fun City. It's one of those things that you blow into and it has this fan inside and makes a high pitched noise that sounds really cool.

Tulsa Zoo

This summer we went to the Tulsa Zoo. We all had so much fun!
(June 08)
Mackenzie and the Bull Frog

"Look Sissy!! A Snake!!"

Me and the kiddos

Brad and Tristan

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beautiful Animals at the Tulsa Zoo


Monkeys, they all look the same to me!

Mackenzie at the Tulsa Zoo

Mackenzie having fun at the Tulsa Zoo.
She loved the penguins! They were in their little caves staying cool though so we couldn't get good pics of them. Look how the penguins have evolved! They grew pigtails!
(June 08)

Our new "furry" pets

Happy Halloween
Here are the 2 newest members of our home.
I call them "Harry and Barry"
Where do I begin (sigh) We found these dudes walking around checking things out by a lake in Bella Vista. My weirdo husband thought they were so cool and wanted to take them home with us. I do have to say, I thought it was a bad idea. (Do I even have to explain why?) Mackenzie has always been deathly afraid of spiders. But, when she saw her daddy holding one with no fear, she said, "I want to pet it." So, that was that, and now she thinks they are cool, and we have 2 pet tarantula's. And if you ask Mackenzie if we should let them go she says, "NOOOO!!" I know you all are wondering, how am I dealing with them? I told Brad, I am checking that cage every second of the day, and if one has escaped, I'm moving in with my mother until it's found.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Bird House

This was by far the coolest part of our day! There was this Bird House that was literally a house full of parakeets and parrots. You go in and they give you a popsicle stick with honey and birdseed stuck to it so you can feed the birds. Some just stayed on their pirch while you fed them, some jumped on your stick and ate the bird seed while some more friendly birds hopped on your finger and ate! It was so cool! There were birds flying around, right past your head, and yes, I did get bird pooped on. It was bound to happen. It reminded me of the parakeet I had when I was a little girl. His name was Birdy.

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