Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bikes, Blues, BBQ

Here we are on the side of the road in Fayetteville watching the Bikers parade down the street at Bikes, Blues & BBQ.


This is Mackenzie riding a motorcycle for the first time with her Daddo. He came up for Bikes, Blues &BBQ.


This right here is the reason Mackenzie won't feed her little brother, "way too messy mom."

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Daddy and Tristan swinging.
Mackenzie collecting rocks.

They built a park right down the street from our house, so as soon as they got done with it, we went down there to play!!!


Mackenzie's tent is full of all her stuffed animals. Tristan had a blast in there!


Brad needed to fix a bottle for Tristan because he was being fussy so he asked Mackenzie to just hold him so he would calm down. By the time he got done fixing the bottle, Mackenzie had fallen asleep holding on to Tristan. So Brad gave him his bottle and he snuggled up with his sissy and found her hand to hold on to.


Tristan helping mommy with the laundry.
I had piled his clean clothes on the swing and he crawled over underneath it and proceeded to pull down each piece of clothing, one by one.

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