Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ocober 11th, 2007

Mackenzie's 6th Birthday!!!
We had cake and ice cream on her Birthday and had her party a couple weeks later.

She HAD to cut the cake all by herself, "becuse I'm six now mom!"
Yesterday she couldn't do it because she was still 5, but now that she's 6, she can do it!

The hat that she's wearing was from her teachr. She got to wear it all day at school that day because it was her birthday!


Tristan's First Baby Teeth

Tristan finally got his first two baby teeth on the bottom at 9 mo. old!!!
It was really hard to take pics of them but if you click on them to blow them up, you can see them!


I I really even need to comment on this one! You all know my daughter...judge for yourself!!!


Tristan being a big boy and drinking from a straw!
He's 8 mo. old here.
At this age he was trying to be like his Uncle Shannon and "Army Crawl" everywhere! He just couldn't figure out how to get on those knees.

Mack & Tristan

Mackenzie & Tristan "Chillin" on the couch
To make a long story's now Dec and it's been since October since I've updated my blog because we've had some Major problems with our computer. It's back up and running now so I'm starting with after Bikes Blues & BBQ! (in october)

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