Thursday, August 30, 2007

Leslie's Graduation

My best friend Leslie graduated from Nursing school!!!
We are so proud of you Leslie!!!


With Mackenzie starting school, Brad with his chest pains, and Brandy finding out she's PREGNANT, we all decided we needed some pampering!!!
(Oh my gosh, Brandy's PREGNANT!!!!)

Mackenzie's First Official Day of School

This was Thursday, Mackenzie's first "official" full day of school with her new teacher, in her new classroom. Above is Mack's teacher Mrs. King directing the kids, and telling them to sit down against the wall. Mackenzie called her "Mrs. Keen" at first, but she now says it correctly :)

"Where's my mom and dad?"

"There's my mom!!!"

"I wonder if I can go now."

"Mrs. Keen, my mom and dad are here!!!"

"I had a great first day of school! I love my new teacher, now I'm ready to go home with mom and dad.... and Tristan too :)"

Mackenzie's First Day of School

These pictures were taken on Tuesday,her testing day.
My baby's first day of school!
Mackenzie started Kindergarden this year at Bayyari Elementary. For Kindergardener's they choose their teacher after a day of testing, which for her was on Tuesday. Wednesday was Orientation where they met their teacher's and visited their classroom's. Thursday was the first "official" full day of school. They go from 8:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M. They do not have nap-time. They eat lunch at 10:30 A.M. and have snack at 1:30.

Tontitown Grape Festival

Ah the Tontitown Grape Festival, one of my most favorite pastimes! We went after the BeautiControl party and it was late so Tristan stayed home with Nana Sheila.

Brad took Alexis and Mackenzie on the Merry-Go-Round.

We bought these beautiful hair pieces for the girls so they could be princesses.

Gotta love the kiddie rides!!!

Me, Mackenzie, Nikki and Alexis rode the "Scrambler!" It was so much fun!!!

Alexis won a goldfish!!! She was so excited, she jumped up and down! Her fish at home just died so now she has another one!

Brian & Tristan

This is Brandy's boyfriend Brian. Look, two baldies!!!
This picture is blurry but Tristan looked so cute with Brian's hat on!!!

BeautiControl Party

Here we all are at my first BeatiControl party giving each other some much needed spa facials! It was so much fun!!! I have just one word to say, "spaaaaaaah!"

Morning Glory

Morning Glory


Garden Produce

Morning Glory

Beautiful Morning Glory growing on our fence


"Look mom!!!"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Cute kitty pics

We only have three kittens left out of Stripes' litter. This one we call "silver butt." He's a male.

We don't have a name for this one. She's a female and she's small but feisty.

This one is my favorite! He's a male, and I like him because he's what I call a fuzzy cat. We don't have a name for him either. He's very laid back.


This is the biggest tomato that our plant produced.

This is the ONE pumpkin that survived and grew.

Plane Ride

Daddy helping Mackenzie buckle up for her first plane ride with Nana Sheila. Mackenzie was not scared at all!

Mackenzie with her head-set on so she can hear Nana Sheila when she talks to her and so she can talk back.
There they go!!!

They made it back safe and sound! Mackenzie LOVED it!!!

"Whiskey Papa"

Mommy's turn!!! Here I am with my mother-in-law, about to take off.

It was so beautiful!!! I took pictures, but mostly enjoyed the flight. It wasn't scary at all to me either.

Petit Jean Mountain

The beautiful sunset

All the gadgets and gizmo's

Little Rock Zoo

"Yay Aunt Kim, we're at the zoo!!!"
"Well, Abbe, lead the way!!!"

Typical man, laying around.......

while the women take care of the kids!!!

"Best Friends"

feeding the fishies

As you can probably tell, I REALLY enjoyed taking pictures of the animals at the zoo that day!!!

Mommy and Tristan
Man it was hot that day!!!
It got up to 107degrees!!!

Farmer Aden

Alexis, Abbe and Mackenzie

Alexis, Mackenzie, Aden, Abbe and Tristan

Abbe, Alexis and Mackenzie on a camel ride.

The photogenic bird!

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