Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well guys, you are going to have to bear with me. Since right after Mackenzie got out of Kindergarten earlier this year, I have started back to work full time at JB Hunt. We're pretty busy! I know I need to update my photo blog. I will try and keep up with it as best I can. Boys are very different from girls! Tristan is into EVERYTHING. When he is awake, we are constantly chasing after him, for his own safety and the safety of others :)! He is a little stinker ;) Mackenzie is now in 1st grade and will be turning 7 (S-E-V-E-N?!) in just a few days! Wow, I feel old. I remember the day she was born. She gave us such a scare. But my tough girl pulled through. God was watching over her. She's my little princess :) ! Mom had minor surgery on her foot. They took a biopsy of a nerve to determine what they're going to do about her drop-foot. They found that the nerve has inflammation so she's on meds for that and they say that it will not get any worse and could even reverse the drop-foot all together! I'm starting with what we did over the summer and going from there. There's our trip to the Tulsa Zoo. 4th of July. Tontitown Grape festival. And some stuff in between.

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Karen Sherrill said...

Ya...don't talk to me about feeling old...the Twins are turning 16 in a few weeks...then 22 days later Tory turns 17!!! YIKES!!!

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