Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our new "furry" pets

Happy Halloween
Here are the 2 newest members of our home.
I call them "Harry and Barry"
Where do I begin (sigh) We found these dudes walking around checking things out by a lake in Bella Vista. My weirdo husband thought they were so cool and wanted to take them home with us. I do have to say, I thought it was a bad idea. (Do I even have to explain why?) Mackenzie has always been deathly afraid of spiders. But, when she saw her daddy holding one with no fear, she said, "I want to pet it." So, that was that, and now she thinks they are cool, and we have 2 pet tarantula's. And if you ask Mackenzie if we should let them go she says, "NOOOO!!" I know you all are wondering, how am I dealing with them? I told Brad, I am checking that cage every second of the day, and if one has escaped, I'm moving in with my mother until it's found.

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The Cherry Family said...

Whoa! That is too much spider for me! Although my boys would love that too!

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